Higuain throws a small bottle, furious after the change against Milan

Gonzalo Higuain furious. The Juventus striker was replaced by Maurizio Sarri at minute 69 of the match against Milan, on a 3-2 score for the Rossoneri.

At the time of replacement, Higuain threw away a bottle of water. An anger due to both the change and the result, which saw Juve disintegrate in a few minutes.

In fact, the bianconeri were two goals ahead in the second half. Then Milan made 4, 3 of which in 5 minutes. A total black out called Sarri.

Juve, Sarri: "I hit Higuain on the wall".

Before the game Sarri had said: “I always read that I fight with everyone, in reality the only one I fight with is Higuain, I don't know why but it has always been this way. Maybe because he needs a rather aggressive counterpart to bring out the best. He is mentally well, physically I don't know what he can hold because he has had discontinuities in the last period. It should be pampered one day and beaten in the wall the next day. He needs help because he is sensitive, but if he exalts he must be content because he is satisfied immediately ”.

Curtain between Ronaldo and Ibra before the penalty.

Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo exchanged glances and smiles at the time of the penalty that changed the outcome of the race. Ronaldo in Szczesny: "Talk to him, you know him". Ibrahimovic scored and looked for Ronaldo with a smirk. The Portuguese looked down and returned to the center of the field. Both then laughed.

Before Ibrahimovic scored, Milan-Juventus had stopped at 0-2. Juve seemed to have victory in his pocket. Then, in rapid succession, the networks of Kessie and Leao arrived. Finally poker served by Rebic.

Thanks to this victory, Milan moves to fifth place in the standings. Juve remains at most seven on a Lazio that had collapsed shortly before in Lecce. (Source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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