Higuain has returned to Argentina because his mother has to take chemo but now he is legally at risk

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – Gonzalo Higuain has left Turin, violating the quarantine, to be close to his mother who is facing chemo therapy in Argentina.

According to what was stated by the lawyer Romanelli, to the microphones of corrieredellosport.it, the Argentine footballer risks from a legal point of view. Here are his statements.

“In the sense that this possibility does not appear in any decree. The quarantine has been foreseen since the ordinance of the ministry of health of 21 February 2020. In article 1, the health authorities are obliged to apply it for fourteen days.

There are no discounts and the tax was then repeated with the same formula in various subsequent regulatory provisions. Voluntary isolation is a definition that does not exist in any standard. There is a "fiduciary home" stay, which is arranged for people who come from areas at risk, and a "quarantine with active surveillance", which applies to those who have "had close contacts with confirmed cases of coronavirus diffusive infectious disease – Covid -19 ".

The definition of "close contact" is given by the ministry of health and also includes a handshake or having shared a closed environment, it goes without saying that having used the same dressing room or having trained together is part of the case of close contact.

To understand Rugani's team-mates, quarantine with restrictions lasting fourteen days should have been applied.

Not up to fourteen days, reductions of this period or alternative protocols are foreseen only in exceptional cases. I think of the military returning from abroad or health workers, who in an emergency situation like this can be exempted from compliance with all fourteen days if they are considered healthy, that is, without being able to pose a risk to themselves or to others. It certainly does not apply to footballers. Higuain's return to Argentina

it happened seven to eight days after the news of the positivity of one of their teammates. I hope that whoever took this decision has made a careful evaluation also, but not only, on the legal level ".

Coronavirus, Higuain left Turin in a hurry to stay close to his mother.

Echoes from Italy arrived in Argentina regarding the 'escape' of Higuain, who returned to his homeland after, holding the negative result of the coronavirus swab, managed to pass the police checks at Turin airport -Caselle and he embarked for France (country of which he has a passport) and from there to Spain from where he then flew to Buenos Aires.

The Argentine media reiterate the thesis that the Juventus player, very close to his mother, the painter Nancy Zacarias, wanted to be with her in a very difficult moment.

Sources of the family have in fact told the newspaper 'La Nacion' that Gonzalo, like his brothers and dads Jorge, "want to be with her to accompany her during the chemotherapy cycle she is undergoing". (sources Il Corriere dello Sport and ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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