Greenwood and Foden expelled from the English National Team, they violated the anti Covid rules by inviting two girls into the room

Greenwood and Foden were kicked out of the English National Team because they violated anti-Covid regulations by inviting two girls into the room.

Greenwood (United) and Foden ( City ) have been kicked out of the England national team for violating anti-Covid regulations during the Nations League trip to Iceland.

In fact, the two bad boys of English football invited two girls to their room despite the fact that it was forbidden by the strict anti Covid rules in force in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Greenwood and Foden couldn't find excuses because their stunt ended up on social networks.

In fact, the two girls bragged to their friends by posting some pictures on Snapchat.

As mentioned, anti-Covid regulations in Iceland are rather strict. Suffice it to say that the English national team was only allowed to go to the training ground and the stadium for the match.

Obviously the two young players had been made aware of these restrictions and violated them voluntarily.

For this reason they could not find an excuse and their exclusion from the retirement of the English national team was immediate.

A few hours earlier, the two players had taken to the field during England's 1-0 victory over Iceland. The match was decided by Sterling at 91 ′ (source The Sun ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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