Giancarlo Favarin refills head to Gaetano Mancino during Serie C Lucchese-Alessandria: “He spat me”

Giancarlo Favarin rifila testata a Gaetano Mancino durante Lucchese-Alessandria di Serie C

Giancarlo Favarin refills the warhead at Gaetano Mancino during Serie C's Lucchese-Alessandria

LUCCA – Very bad episode in the final convulsion of the Serie C Lucchese -Alessandria match. The home team, who lost 0-2 managed to score the goal of 2-2 to 92 ', then everything happened. The technician of the Tuscan Giancarlo Favarin, expelled, leaving the field was provoked and lost his head trimming a head to Gaetano Mancino, vice-trainer dell'Alessandria. Slaps and thrusts flew in the field, red also for Mancino and tugged for the secretary of Lucchese, Marcella Ghilardi. In the aftermarket Favarin defended himself: "those from the bench dell'Alessandria have offended and spat, to me and Ghilardi.

These episodes happen when a tension of this kind is created, caused by a scandalous arbitrary triad, which has granted everything to all'Aandandria.
Risk of a long disqualification? I would be sorry, but I was attacked ". So the trainer dell'Alessandria, Gaetano D'Agostino: "in these cases it is normal for everyone to pull water to their mill. But everyone has seen ".

YouTube by Noi Tv Lucca, Favarin's publication in Mancino

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