Genoa-Sampdoria, Vieira has no expulsion: that’s why the referee made a mistake

Genoa-Sampdoria, manca espulsione su Vieira: ecco perché l'arbitro ha sbagliato

Genoa-Sampdoria, the referee Doveri in the photo Ansa

GENOA – The first half of the Genoa derby was rather boring as it ended with zero shots on goal. The real winner was the fear because the two teams, who are in the relegation zone, did not have the necessary personality to push forward in search of victory. Despite this, we must already register a serious arbitration oversight.

The referee Doveri has combined it big not showing a sacrosanct red card to Vieira. The Sampdoria midfielder was warned on 26 minutes for a tactical foul on Schone. Just four minutes later, Vieira committed another yellow foul on Vieira. The Sampdoria footballer has detained the former Ajax footballer. The regulation speaks clearly about it, it is a foul intervention, a yellow card.

The referee Doveri pardoned him and Sampdoria was able to finish the first half in numerical tie. In such a balanced race, a red card could have changed the balance on the pitch. A mistake quite incomprehensible because Vieira's intervention was easy to interpret.

Genoa protested for a long time but the referee Doveri, although he also had the silent check tool with his assistants who were in front of the monitors of the room of the var, remained firm on his decision.

The Genoa-Sampdoria article , Vieira has no expulsion: this is why the referee seems to be the first to appear on Blitz daily .

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