Gattuso dislikes games in Covid’s time: “This is not football, it’s another sport”

"This isn't football, it's another sport." Gattuso does not like football in Covid times.

Despite winning the first Italian trophy awarded during Covid, Gattuso lashes out against football played in this particular period.

According to Gattuso, it is not football but it is another sport because the games are played without fans and under a scorching sun (Last year, in these times, footballers were enjoying life in exotic destinations).

The statements made by the Napoli coach to Sky Sport's microphones are reported by Corriere dello Sport.

The goals taken are not a lack of balance, the 50 stakes and bad luck must also be contemplated. But we are doing another sport, this is not football without fans and playing so much. The players are not robots, strange results come out. Nothing can be said at Napoli, we must be satisfied.

Udinese defended very well, it is a very physical team, we played well giving little depth. Regret is the goal taken at their first opportunity, this makes me angry. However, the team has done everything and it is an important victory, it makes us continue our journey with more peace of mind ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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