Gasperini: “Polemics Ranieri? His goal is to hit Atalanta “

Gasperini: "Polemiche Ranieri? Il suo obiettivo è colpire l'Atalanta"

Gasperini: "Polemics Ranieri? His goal is to hit Atalanta ". Photo ANSA / PAOLO MAGNI

BERGAMO – A few hours from Lazio-Atalanta, the decisive game for the race in fourth place, last to participate in the next edition of the UEFA Champions League, Gian Piero Gasperini spoke harshly of the statements made by Claudio Ranieri , the Giallorossi's coach, before Genoa-Rome. According to Gasperini, the goal of the controversy raised by the Roma coach is precisely Atalanta. According to Gasperini, Ranieri spoke in that way to "hit" his team.

"Ranieri wants to hit Atalanta", Gasperini's explanation before Lazio-Atalanta.

"The objective of Ranieri's controversy is actually Atalanta: we are in front and many hope that we will fall".
On the eve of the match against Lazio, Gian Piero Gasperini has his say on yesterday's sentences by the Roman player about the possibility that the Biancocelesti can dodge in front of his Atalanta (59 points and fourth) as they would have done in 2010 when the Giallorossi were played on title with Inter of Mourinho.

"We just have to smile and play: we don't take it at all. Everyone hopes for the best possible combination of results for himself – explains the Nerazzurri coach -.
We don't have time to get into these mechanisms, because if we don't make mistakes, they don't take us and we don't need to look at someone else's house ”. On the challenge of tomorrow, Gasperini is clear: "Lazio is strong, we know it. It is a long awaited and important match for both. "
Source Ansa.

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