Gaffe in Sky, Nebuloni “eliminates” Napoli: “At the Atalanta-Barcelona quarter …” VIDEO

Gaffe a Sky, Nebuloni "elimina" il Napoli. "Ai quarti Atalanta-Barcellona..."

Gaffe in Sky, Nebuloni "eliminates" Napoli. "At the Atalanta-Barcelona quarter …"

ROME – Marino Magrin , a former Atalanta and Juventus footballer, commented in an interview with Sky Sport on the golden moment of the Bergamo players in the Champions League, where they are one step away from the quarterfinals having beaten the 4-1 Valencia in the first leg. To interview him was Massimiliano Nebuloni . The correspondent Sky, however, asking his host which opponent he dreamed of for the Nerazzurri in the quarterfinals, effectively eliminates Napoli: “Your ideal challenge, that of your heart, would be Atalanta-Juve or it would be more intriguing to find Messi on the road ? ".

“We are down to earth, we still have the return. But I dream of a challenge with Barcelona and Messi, it would be worthy of a historic feat, "says Magrin. However, both the former footballer and the journalist forget that Barcelona will face Napoli in the first knockout round which, evidently, they already give for eliminated. Statements which, listen, did not appeal to many blue fans who immediately protested, in particular against the journalist Sky.

Magrin, a former midfielder born in '59, wore the Juventus shirt between 1987 and 1989. Despite having been purchased to replace Platini, Magrin did not wear the prestigious number 10 shirt during the two seasons in black and white. Before joining the Old Lady he played in Atalanta for six seasons, from 1981 to 1987. (source SKY SPORT)

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