Frosinone-Fiorentina 1-1, Pinamonti responds to Benassi VIDEO GOL HIGHLIGHTS


Frosinone-Fiorentina 1-1, Pinamonti responds to Benassi VIDEO GOL HIGHLIGHTS

ROME – Frosinone , on the edge of wool, or almost, wins a precious draw in anticipation of the 12th day in the face of a Fierce Fiorentina that, after the advantage of Benassi at the beginning of recovery, has repeatedly missed the doubling and, as happens in football, at the end the home team, thanks to a Pinogonti's Eurogol, brought the race on the track of parity. There are four, now, the consecutive useful results of the Frosinone, that even climbing only at altitude 7 finds new confidence peer seek salvation. For the viola, who no longer wins, is the fourth consecutive draw for 1-1.

Ciociari penalized in a decisive way by the absence of Ciano, left for long stretches the maneuver of the game to the viola who did not have the ability to close the race, also because of the umpteenth negative test of Simeone that only on one occasion is really seen. The other player expected by Pioli, Pjaca, provided insufficient performance. At the end the draw sounds like a victory for the Giallazzurri of Longo that have centered the race number 50 of Frosinone in Serie A. On the contrary the fifty appearances of Pioli on the bench of Fiorentina coincided with a result that certainly does not satisfy the technician of the Tuscans .

The Frosinone went crazy, when Fiorentina left the field, the home players tried to create spaces towards Lafont. The first thrill of the race creates Simeone on the counterattack whose conclusion is the deviation of Sportiello. At 19 'Capuano handball at the edge of Benassi's shot. Biraghi's shot was deflected in a corner by Sportiello. Minute 33 'free-kick Maiello head Beghetto in the heart of the Fiorentina area and Capuano good to anticipate the defenders purple but less good in not guessing the mirror of the door. At the 38 'sensational pole of Benassi on the slope of Biraghi. In the second half to the 2 'error of Sportiello not holding an easy ball on Benassi's header and violates the lead. At 90 'Pinamonti works the ball out of the box and guesses the seven of Lafont.

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