Florenzi at Valencia six months, Roma (and the fans) download him without regrets. Pause for reflection or farewell?

Florenzi al Valencia sei mesi, la Roma (e i tifosi) lo scarica senza rimpianti. Pausa di riflessione o addio?

Florenzi at Valencia, leaves Rome after ten years (Ansa)

ROME – Florenzi at Valencia. He left at dawn, apart from a distracted hello at Fiumicino airport, not a greeting, let's not say a tear, for Alessandro, already the core of Rome and grandmother's treasure. Another Roman from Rome, who was taken out of the Pallotta management, embarked this morning. After the Captain, beyond future Capitan, the road seemed marked for him too. In the last ten years no one apart from De Rossi has accumulated more appearances with the yellow and red jersey.

Yet what seemed like a deep, rustling feeling was never really love. And at 29 he too had to take note. A non-marginal fringe of fans still does not forgive him the hesitations about a contract renewal ("Thirty denarii" they called him "). And that time as captain brought the team directly into the locker room instead of being tried at the end of the match in front of the ultrà, the tough ones of the curve still does not go down. And then the relationship with Totti, some likes in the smell of blasphemy, the young Pellegrini who climbs over him in the hierarchies of the Romans …

So sad and silent goodbye. "I am not emotionally ready, I will speak when the time comes," he said, and then responded with a bitter smile to the request to send a message to the fans: "Tell him something? There would be many things to say … ". What then would there be to say worse than the fact that coach Fonseca just doesn't see it? And besides, its tactical flexibility, as they say, is also its most striking limit. For the Portuguese coach as a full back he defends badly, as a striker he scores little. Neither meat nor fish, even Santon prefers. Get it out of my way. The band will wear it Dzeko.

No outright assignment, no purchase obligation. Rome and Valencia eventually agreed on the third way: Alessandro Florenzi moved to Spain with the dry loan formula. Fonseca gets rid of a redundancy, he will be able to play continuously to not miss Mancini's European Championship with Italy. At the end of the season, then anything can happen: if you enhance Roma, you will gain more from your definitive transfer. Meanwhile, the pause for reflection, as in the most conventional love stories in crisis. And a bitter advance of farewell. Sad, lonely and final. (sources Ansa, Gazzetta dello Sport)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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