Fiorentina. Vlahovic exults under Sampdoria curve, then apologizes: “I always celebrate as Depay”

Fiorentina. Vlahovic esulta sotto curva Sampdoria, poi si scusa: "Festeggio sempre come Depay"

Fiorentina, Vlahovic apologized for his exultation under the Sampdoria curve: "I always celebrate like this because I imitate Depay" (still image from YouTube)

GENOA – Fiorentina striker Vlahovic ended up in the storm for his exultation under the Sampdoria curve after the goal scored in Genoa. Vlahovic's exultation, which was also criticized by his teammate Castrovilli, aroused the blucerchiati fans. At the end of the game, Vlahovic apologized for his exultation with the following statements posted on social networks.

Fiorentina, Vlahovic: "I didn't want to disrespect anyone, I imitate Depay."

“Mine was not an exultation against the Sampdoria fans. I'm sorry if they believed it was something against them. I did it under the Curve but it wasn't directed at them … even against Napoli I did the same thing, it's my usual way of celebrating a goal.

I didn't want to provoke anyone. I repeat, I apologize to everyone, even to my teammates whom I risked to put in difficulty. But I didn't want to disrespect anyone. I only imitated Depay's exultation. "

Castrovilli, a young Fiorentina midfielder, criticized the exultation of his teammate. Here are his statements to Sky Sport: “Vlahovic's exultation? Doing it under their curve hurts opponents, it's something you don't do. I told him to calm down and get the second penalty kicked by Church. "

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