Fans at the stadium since September, Minister Spadafora: “Let’s work for this”

No fans at the stadium from here to the end of the championship. No fans at the stadium even in the Champions League and Europa League final phase. Fans are expected to return to Italian stadiums starting in September.

"For the reopening of the stadiums to the fans it is believed that we must continue on that line of prudence that has been followed so far and we are working hard with the Federation and the League so that in September at the start of the new championship there will be a way to reopen the facilities to the public ".

This was stated by the Minister for Youth Policies and Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora , at the question time in the Senate, answering a question on the reopening of the football stadiums.

"It is true that there is a lot of space in the stadiums but it is considered very risky to manage the influx and outflow of a huge number of people with the necessary checks to enter – the minister said – missing just over two weeks at the end of the championship, it would be difficult to organize everything ”.

Fund for school gyms

“School gyms will not be subtracted from sports. We will have to find the resources for sanitation but there will be an ad hoc fund provided by the sports minister that will allow the use of gyms in the morning for students and for the sportsmen in the afternoon, "he stressed.

“On the delegated law for the reform of Sport, our intention is to deal with all political forces. We are also convinced that the autonomy of sport must be safeguarded and that politics must remain outside it, "said Spadafora who then said:

"We need to be interpreters of the needs of the world of sport and not of those of individuals, but we are at your disposal to deepen the content of the text".

"The government is committed to inserting the provision on the tax credit on sponsorships of sports clubs in the budget gap", assured the Minister for Youth Policies and Sports by answering the question time in the Senate.

The approval of an amendment on the subject, excluded by the Ministry of Economy, had been solicited by various sports leagues, from football, to volleyball, to basketball, as a necessary support for the activities of the clubs (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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