Fabregas and the story about Antonio Conte: “Once Diego Costa yelled at him and he …”

Cesc Fabregas tells an anecdote about Antonio Conte when he coached Chelsea: "Once Diego Costa yelled at him and he …".

Fabregas , currently working for Monaco, reveals a particular background in his interview with the BBC about his experience at Chelsea with Antonio Conte on the bench.

The Spaniard specified how the Inter coach was determined not to focus on him preferring another type of midfielder.

The arrival of Kante and the constant use of Matic closed the doors to Fabregas.

"I never played in the first three months – he explained – He was very clear, he wanted another type of midfielder, strong and physical".

A condition that lasted for three months until the match with Manchester City in which Fabregas was used from 1 'playing a great match.

The Spanish midfielder thought he had taken over the place but Conte continued to make other choices.

The current Inter coach only thanks to the advice of Diego Costa , understood that Fabregas would deserve more space.

"Conte left me on the bench and so Diego Costa approaches the sidelines and starts screaming at Conte to put me on the pitch immediately."

The midfielder entered and was decisive by assisting Diego Costa's goal. (source GOAL )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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