Emiliano Sala: after the wreck of the plane, identify the remains of a man

Emiliano Sala: after the wreck of the plane, identify the remains of a man

Emiliano Sala: after the wreck of the plane, identify the remains of a man

ROME – A first human body has been identified today among the wreckage of the small tourist plane sank in recent days in the English Channel with the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala (on the way from Nantes to Cardiff City) and the pilot David Ibbotson. This was reported by the Air Accident Investigation Branch of the island of Guernsey.

Yesterday it was announced the discovery of the wreck of the Piper by the private rescuers team in charge of continuing the research by the Sala family thanks to a collection.

The British investigators of Aaib have made it known that they are "considering the next steps, consulting with the families of the pilot and the passenger and the police". According to the widespread images, the wreck of the Piper on which Sala was traveling is 67.7 meters deep in the English Channel. The Argentine player's family of Italian descent has received shocked news of the discovery of the small plane.

"I can not believe it, it's a bad dream," said his father, Horacio, before it became known of the discovery of a corpse among the wreckage. The research had been interrupted a few days after the contacts with the Piper had been lost, but the Sala family had launched a crowfunding to raise the money needed to give the job to a specialized ship.

Yesterday, the captain of the boat, David Mearns, announced that he had identified the wreckage of the plane, a few hours after starting to beat the area. "This is the best result we could hope for families," he commented to Sky News after the finding.

The plane, a Piper Malibu, had left Nantes and was headed for Cardiff, where the striker should have played in the Premier League, after being sold for 17 million euros. It was a brief transfer carried out inter alia in normal weather conditions, but suddenly, in the night, the Jersey control tower, which was following the flight, reported that the Piper had disappeared from the radar, about twenty kilometers north of the island of Guernesey.

Immediately, the investigations of the British authorities continued for three days, but then were suspended by decision of the harbor master of the island, according to which "after having scoured with marine units and planes an area of ​​1,700 nautical miles without finding anything , the hopes that there may be survivors have run out ".

Meanwhile, from Argentina, the last communication sent by Sala to the family was published when it seemed that things were going wrong: "Guys, I'm on the plane, it seems to be falling apart … if not in an hour and a half there will be my news, I do not even know if they will send someone to look for me, because they will not find me, but you will know it. Dad, I'm afraid … ".

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