Domenico Pozzovivo after the incident: “They ended my career”

Domenico Pozzovivo, photo Ansa

Domenico Pozzovivo (photo Ansa)

ROME – "They ended my career". These were the first painful words of Domenico Pozzovivo uttered during a phone call to his wife, Valentina Conte, immediately after being hit by a car while he was training in the area of ​​Dipignano

The woman is now in the hospital, alongside her husband. "He is in pain – he says – he is out of danger but the situation is serious".

"I was packing – said Valentina – when I received a phone call from a friend's cell phone, but it was Domenico who spoke". In the incident, on which the municipal police of Cosenza are investigating, Pozzovivo seems to have been hit on the right side of the car and in the collision broke the windshield and the window.

"We are happy with what has been done in the hospital of Cosenza – says his wife – but we want to go home immediately. We are awaiting the transfer. We are waiting for news from the team. There is a need for different health facilities to recover from an athletic point of view. I'm upset. Immediately I did everything I could do but now that I'm metabolizing I feel sick. "

The operation.

It went well, according to what was learned from the hospital Annunziata of Cosenza, the operation to which the cyclist was subjected on the evening of Monday 12 August. The athlete reported the "diatis fracture" of the tibia and the head of the orthopedics department Gualtiero Cipparrone, with his team, practiced an "osteosynthesis with an intramedullary nail blocked" to put the leg back in line. On the other hand, the situation of the elbow that presents a multi-fragmented and exposed fracture is more complicated. Doctors performed a thorough wound cleansing and fracture reduction. Pozzovivo will also be subjected to other investigations. In fact, the cyclist was hit head-on, so that some stitches were applied to his chin.

Source: Ansa, La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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