Do you remember the sombrero in Nedved? Cafu tries again at home … VIDEO

RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) – Cafu's sombrero has no age.

The former Brazilian champion of Rome and Milan wanted to overcome the boredom of this coronavirus quarantine with a video that is already viral on all social networks.

In the video, Cafu and his son are seen dribbling.

At one point, the ex-full back of the Brazilian National Football Team stopped dribbling to overtake his son with a cheering sombrero.

The play of the former Roma player is practically identical to that shown in a derby of 20 years ago between the Giallorossi and Lazio.

That time, the opponent in turn was not the son but the Lazio footballer Pavel Nedved.

The current Juventus manager tried to take the ball away from the Brazilian but was mocked with several sombreros in a few seconds .

This play became legendary because it was made in a challenge felt like the derby between Roma and Lazio.

For this reason Cafu has been filled with likes by Roma fans but also by football fans from other teams.

Cafu tries to redo his famous sombrero in the derby 20 years later, this time in his Brazilian home.

Videos from YouTube.

Cafu sombrero in Nedved during an old derby of the capital between Rome and Lazio.

Videos from YouTube.

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