Dennis Rodman: “I fractured my penis three times …”

CHICAGO (UNITED STATES) – Dennis Rodman , former NBA star and great friend of Korean dictator Kim Yong-un , has given an interview to Marca to tell any anecdotes about his private life .

Rodman's statements about Madonna's indecent proposal and the three penile fractures suffered are reported by

"Let's start with the indecent proposal … Madonna told me that if she got pregnant she would have given me 20 million dollars.

He was playing in Las Vegas when he called me to let me know he was ovulating. I will be there in five hours, I told her, and I joined her on a private flight.

I broke my penis three times. The first time I was at a party on a boat, I was drinking everything and a girl told me to go to her cabin.

And there we were doing it, when it seemed to me a good idea to make the jump of the quail, but I didn't control the beast. I jumped like crazy, there was blood everywhere.

She was screaming You're dying !, and I replied No, don't worry, I just broke my penis. The second time was after a game with the Rockets where they threw me a ball right there. It split like a nut.

The third was on a wild night in a hotel with my girlfriend. I knew what to do, I had to go to the hospital to take the pill.

But all the doctors started getting excited and called half the hospital. They didn't understand how it broke. I just wanted the pill. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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