De Laurentiis: “Maradona was a handicap for Napoli”

De Laurentiis: "Maradona è stato un handicap per il Napoli"

Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – Aurelio De Laurentiis returns to be discussed for statements made about Diego Armando Maradona, idol of Napoli fans. The patron of the Campania company has been interviewed by Hubertus Jagd for a documentary which will be aired on the Red Bull website.

The interview was made a year ago but was only published in the last few hours. The statements made by Aurelio De Laurentiis are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

“The problem with Naples, which is a wonderful and unique city in the world, was never having won in the past. They have only won two badges in the past but only because they have had the great and very serious handicap, because I consider it a handicap, to have had the biggest player ever in the world, Maradona.

Instead of a plus it was a minus, because it is like when you have the most beautiful woman in the world and divorce you, but who can please you or what can you find around? We didn't work very well because after Maradona here in Naples we brought out some important players from Lavezzi to Cavani and Higuain and now we still have many very strong ones in the squad like Mertens and Insigne ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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