David Ginola tells his drama: “I died clinically for eight minutes”

David Ginola racconta il suo dramma: "Sono morto clinicamente per otto minuti”

David Ginola tells his drama: "I died clinically for eight minutes"

LONDON (ENGLAND) – David Ginola, during an exclusive interview with The Sun, retraced the emotions of a tragic day for the Frenchman, on May 19, 2016, when the heart of the former Tottenham footballer stopped for eight minutes before being saved from the defibrillator's providential intervention.

On 19 May 2016 he was seized by a heart attack while he was playing a round of golf; hospitalized, he was subjected to a quadruple bypass facility, due to severe coronary lesions.

The story of David Ginola

"I felt like I was missing and then I collapsed on the ground. It was a very scary situation because there were no warnings, no alarms ". "Someone on the football field, thank God, was able to perform the CPR, but out of fifteen people, only two were able to. Evidently there is something wrong, even if those two who were able to use CPR saved my life ".

"Many of those who were with me thought I was joking, then it was my friend who understood the gravity of the situation. I swallowed my tongue and my friends did everything to get it out of my tongue but my teeth kept closing. "" Those in the emergency service said 'forget the language problem, he died, his heart stopped , we must focus on the chest '.

My heart stopped for eight minutes at least, there were no impulses, I was dead and when even the third shock with the defibrillator did not give results they started to lose hope. "I had to thank my friend Frederic Mendy, I am alive thanks to him, with his intervention he made sure that the blood continued to reach the brain ".

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