Curva Nord Inter does not forgive Icardi: “He dug himself a pit”

Curva Nord Inter non perdona Icardi: "Si è scavato una fossa da solo"

Curva Nord Inter does not forgive Icardi: "He dug himself a pit". Photos ANSA / SIMONE ARVEDA

MILAN – No reversing. Inter's North Bend decided to continue its war against former captain Mauro Icardi , considered one of the main culprits of the crisis that brought Inter away from the championship fight and out of the three cups (Champions League, Europa League and Coppa Italia). The Curva Nord does not forgive Icardi for the social and television outings of him and his partner and agent Wanda Nara.

Curva Nord Inter insists: "Icardi get out, you can't be our future".

"We on Icardi will not step back. It cannot be the future of Inter. By refusing to wear the shirt on several occasions with ridiculous excuses he dug his own pit. But don't "fear", Icardi will be "considered" … the right.
Perhaps those who expect 90 minutes of choirs against will be disappointed … ".

The North Curve of Inter, on the eve of the match against Atalanta, explains its position towards Icardi that will not be overwhelmed by boos throughout the game. The relationship with the ultras, however, is now compromised. "If members of the Inter structure, salaried, have had an excessively fluctuating behavior – reads – it cannot be our problem. However, the general picture remains clear. The time of gods is over for us but I can't ”.
(source Ansa).

The Curva Nord Inter article does not forgive Icardi: "He dug himself a pit" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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