Crouch, his wife Abbey Clancy speaks: “When I was pregnant we hated each other, we didn’t make love”

LONDON (ENGLAND) – In Italy the number of divorces due to the coronavirus quarantine has increased but in England the opposite happened in the Crouch house .

Thanks to the lockdown, the former Liverpool striker was able to spend more time with his wife and children and the calm returned to his family.

A year ago, Crouch was about to divorce supermodel Abbey Clancy while the latter was expecting their fourth child.

Clancy was expecting a more present husband at the end of her football career, but it wasn't.

So the two of them started fighting all the time until they hated each other.

They came close to breaking up because they couldn't even brighten up to make love.

This was revealed by the same wife of the former striker of the English national team to the British media.

His declarations are reported by

“In seven weeks, we haven't had a discussion.

When we got pregnant with Jack we hated each other, we didn't even make love. We almost broke in 2019.

He had sold me the idea of ​​his retirement as something completely different, in which we would have gone to lunch and on vacation together, all delicious things.

Instead he has been busier than ever since he retired.

I loved having Pete at home and spending a lot of quality time with the kids.

Although sometimes I want to kill them, I liked it a lot. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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