Crotone in Serie A. The dream of the transfer market? The return of Bernardeschi

Dreaming does not cost anything. Crotone, on the wings of enthusiasm for the return to Serie A, dreams of the return of Federico Bernardeschi . In reality, this negotiation is almost impossible because on the Juventus player there are also Naples and Rome.

Crotone wants to respond to Benevento, another newly promoted team in Serie A, also on the transfer market. The bells are one step away from Remy and Glik and also dream of the Bonaventura shot from Milan.

Crotone started the transfer market negotiations late, because it was promoted to Serie A later than Benevento, but it is already moving great. The dream is the return of Bernardeschi, a footballer who started his great career right at Crotone.

Bernardeschi plays little for Juventus and next year he will have to be an immovable starter if he wants to be called up by Roberto Mancini for the 2021 European football championship.

Bernardeschi is also very popular with Napoli and Roma but in these two teams he could have the same fate as he had at Juventus (a lot of bench and an uncertain starting shirt).

If Bernardeschi returned to Crotone, he would be the star of the team and would have the opportunity to score many goals even through penalties and free-kicks. For now it is only a dream of the transfer market at the end of July, in a few weeks we will see …

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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