Coronavirus, Romanist fan sings Curva Sud choir in the deserted street VIDEO

ROME – A Roma fan has sung a chorus of the Curva Sud at the top of his lungs as he walked along one of the many deserted streets of the capital because of the coronavirus .

His choir was listened to by many and some of them decided to take it back on their cell phone and then post the video on social networks and on YouTube .

The Roma fan was singing the new chorus of the Curva Sud " I will walk with you, As Roma is my life ".

Below is the complete text of the South Curva choir .

"I will walk with you,
ľ AS Rome is my life,
when you play i feel that,
the chills grow inside me.
let's fight for Roma,
we live for Rome
I'll always be with you,
the years go by,
the players and the presidents change,
but we will be here,
is the she-wolf that beats on my breast,
Rome is our love and we are the ultrà!
Come on ROME ".

Evidently this fan lacks the stadium and the atmosphere that can only be breathed in the Curva Sud , the hottest fringe of the Roman fan.

Roma , like all other teams, are no longer playing because Serie A and Europa League have been suspended due to the coronavirus (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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