Coronavirus, Moggi attacks Uefa: “They can’t decide, football is missing someone like me”

ROME – Luciano Moggi shoots zero against Uefa and against its president Ceferin from the pages of

According to Moggi, UEFA is not making the right decisions to curb the coronavirus emergency. According to the former Juventus manager, it would take someone like him to revive the fate of European football.

According to Moggi, UEFA made some unforgivable mistakes before stopping both the Champions League and the Europa League indefinitely.

The former Juventus manager refers to the last rounds of the European cups that have been played.

According to the former Juventus manager, Ceferin's UEFA should not have allowed Lyon-Juventus and Atalanta-Valencia to play with open doors.

Moggi is strengthened by the fact that both in France and Spain have indicated these two tenders as the cause of the spread of the virus in these two European countries.

Other media have made similar speeches about the Champions League matches between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, both played on open doors with stadiums completely sold out in every seat order.

But the attack of the former Juventus manager does not end here and also extends to the Europa League.

Luciano Moggi: "On the same evening, four Europa League games behind closed doors and Rangers-Bayer Leverkusen with 40 thousand spectators: what sense does it make?".

All the first legs of the Europa League round of 16 were played on March 12th except the Sevilla-Roma and Inter-Getafe matches .

On the same evening, there was at least a singular inconsistency, four Europa League games were held behind closed doors while Rangers-Bayer Leverkusen was played in Glasgow in a stadium that sold out with 40 thousand spectators.

In short, according to Luciano Moggi UEFA should give him command of the operations but so far his appeal has not been accepted by anyone … (source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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