Coronavirus, Michela Persico pregnant with Rugani: “Now I’m afraid for the baby”

TURIN – Michela Persico , Daniele Rugani's fiancée, tested positive for coronavirus. Rugani was the first player in the Italian Serie A football championship to test positive for coronavirus.

The first, but not the last, given that shortly after, players from Sampdoria, Fiorentina and Verona were also found positive. Juve has also just announced a second case, Matuidi's positivity.

The declarations made by Michela Persico to "Chi" are reported by

“I still can't even talk about it. But at the moment I have to understand what will happen – says Persico to Chi -. I hope the virus does not affect pregnancy. The doctors assured me that there should be no problems. But put yourself in my shoes: I have an infinite fear ”.

Michela Persico talked about how it all started, from the positivity of her boyfriend Daniele Rugani.

“Daniele had no symptoms – he says – then suddenly two lines of fever, almost nothing, but control started. Positive. But he was fine "

Finally, Persico spoke about her health.

“I have no symptoms, I am alone, at the moment I cannot see anyone. But I'll do it. "

Yesterday Persico had communicated her positivity to the coronavirus through an Instagram post but had not revealed that she was pregnant.

“Positive but asymptomatic outcome! Hi guys I just had the result but I wanted to reassure you about my health, I'm fine! And to thank you very much for your affection !.

I have no symptoms, this to tell you that there may also be cases like mine that are unlucky in luck, they can stay at home and if the fever rises a little, take the tachipirina and everything passes.

So I wanted to reassure you about my situation and that of Daniele, we are positive but asymptomatic. On the other hand, according to my experience, I recommend that you stay at home and go out for strictly necessary reasons.

I am the example, you can be positive without knowing it. Guys, be careful, we respect the rules and you will see that we will be able to defeat this bad memory together ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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