Coronavirus, Maradona: from the kiss to Tevez to the quarantine. That’s why it’s at risk

Coronavirus, Maradona: dal bacio a Tevez alla quarantena. Ecco perché è a rischio

Coronavirus, Maradona: from the kiss to Tevez to the quarantine. That's why it is at risk (photo Ansa)

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – Diego Armando Maradona fights the coronavirus by remaining in quarantine in his Argentine home. The ex-champion of Napoli is at great risk for his previous clinical picture.

To communicate this decision, is the doctor of Gimnasia La Plata, of which Maradona is coach. His declarations are reported by

“With Maradona we are making preventive decisions. It is isolated in a building and can only be on the ground floor as it is part of the risk group.

We doctors of Superliga teams have suggested to the authorities to suspend both games and training.

We are responsible for the situation and even before a case occurs we know what should be done. "

Maradona "saw the light" but at the beginning did not face the emergence of the coronavirus in the best way …

The ex-champion of Napoli trains Gimnasia La Plata but he is a huge fan of Boca Juniors so he decided to watch live the match that could have awarded the championship to the old De Rossi team.

Boca, against all odds, managed to win the Scudetto by overcoming the River Plate cousins ​​at the last moment. After the final whistle, Maradona took the field to celebrate and … nothing but a meter away!

Gimnasia coach kissed former Juventus champion Carlos Tevez in the mouth, who is now the star of Boca Juniors. Luckily he didn't get the coronavirus but he understood that behaviors like these are to be avoided at all costs.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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