Coronavirus, Ludogorets arrived in Milan with the PHOTO mask

Coronavirus, Ludogorets arrivato a Milano con la mascherina FOTO

Coronavirus, Ludogorets arrived in Milan with the PHOTO mask from the official Twitter profile of the Bulgarian club

MILAN – The Ludogorets players landed in Milan already wearing a mask. The Bulgarian club would have liked to play this game in another country, on a neutral field, but in the end had to accept UEFA's decision to play it in Milan anyway even if behind closed doors.

In short, the complaints from the Bulgarian club were only partially accepted. Recall that Inter will play behind closed doors the big match of next weekend against Juventus.

Coronavirus, Inter-Ludogorets: surreal match between closed doors and fear of Bulgarians.

Inter return to play. He will do it within the friendly walls of San Siro, but in a surreal atmosphere, in the silence of an empty stadium where Antonio Conte's screams from the sidelines will arrive clear and precise to the players, in the echo of a facility capable of hosting 75 thousand fans , but strangely deserted.

Thursday's game against Ludogorets, for the Europa League round of 32, will be the first game behind closed doors in Italy following the emergence of the coronavirus that hit part of Italy. A stadium that this season can boast an average presence of 65,800 spectators between the league and the cups, will be off limits for fans and probably also journalists.

The vision of the match will be available on TV8 as scheduled and the Nerazzurri will try to tear the pass for the first knockout round without the office of the Inter team, which will be reimbursed by the club in any case by re-crediting the tickets purchased.

The Europa League is a practice to be archived without too many worries, because the head of the Nerazzurri is already running for Sunday's match, decisive for the Scudetto, against Juventus at the Stadium. Padelli will still be on the pitch on Thursday. Handanovic is recovering from his hand injury and should return to the Italian derby.

In the coming days the captain will make new checks and in case of positive answers he could return to train with the team already on Friday. Esposito, who has done part of the group training today, also works to return. As in the first leg, Conte will also give room to the strong reservations of 2-0 in favor of Inter last week.

In attack, probably, space in Sanchez with one between Lautaro Martinez and Lukaku. Inter train in a serene atmosphere in Pinetina, between smiles and exercises, as evidenced by the photographs published by Godin. "Important week – the defender wrote – we continue to prepare for the Europa League game".

The restrictions and organizational upheavals for the coronavirus emergency do not seem to have changed the morale of the team that will also face Juventus with the stadium behind closed doors. It is football that conforms to the provisions of the government.

Two weeks upset, from the suspension of the match with Sampdoria, to the closure of the stadium for the Europa League. According to the provisions and limits set by the emergency, journalists and information workers should also not be allowed to enter the stadium.

Eve press conferences should also be canceled. Fans reluctantly align themselves with government provisions. Inter will refund all tickets and has already announced how to re-credit with a note on its website. While from Bulgaria there is apprehension from Ludogorets supporters, concerned about the health of the players.

On the club's Facebook page there are those who ask the company to go to quarantine once they return, those who criticize UEFA for not having chosen to play the game on a neutral field, those who say it is better not to go to Milan.

“Isn't it risky to send players there? It's not a normal virus, "writes Kiril Penev and another fan adds:" To hell with the game, it's important for me that kids protect themselves from the virus. " It is the fear of contagion that does not even spare football in Milan (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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