Coronavirus, Immobile attacks English doctor: “Italians don’t want to work? But go to c … “

Coronavirus, Immobile attacca medico inglese: "Italiani non vogliono lavorare? Ma vai a c..."

Coronavirus, Immobile attacks English doctor: “Italians don't want to work? But go to c … "(story published on Instagram)

ROME – Ciro Immobile , top scorer of the Italian Serie A football championship, has updated his Instagram profile to lash out against Christian Jessen.

The British doctor runs a successful program at home called "embarrassing diseases" but this time he's the one who said something that there is little to brag about:

"Italians use coronavirus to take a siesta and not work."

His sentence was a bit indigestible to everyone, so Immobile decided to attack him harshly through Instagram: “Go and tell the relatives of dead people or those who struggle, head of c… I tell you from the bottom of my heart: go to hell".

Coronavirus, also Ciro Immobile has joined the #chefaticapalleggiare challenge on Instagram.

There are those who dribble with toilet paper, some with a teddy bear, some with a plastic bottle. Footballers, ex-players and even athletes from other sports compete with each other for the #chefaticapalleggiare challenge, launched by the page 'Che Fatica La Vita Da Bomber' with the aim of giving a sporty smile to charity.

Thanks to the isolation in the houses, so many players are challenging each other: from Lazio Lazio Ciro Immobile and Francesco Acerbi passing through the AC Milan women's striker Valentina Giacinti, the goalkeeper of Genoa Mattia Perin, the tip of Sassuolo Francesco Caputo and the full-back of the Napoli Giovanni Di Lorenzo, but also the Monza coach Cristian Brocchi, the ex Inter Nicola Ventola and the Dinamo Sassari playmaker Marco Spissu.

Along with the social challenge, the 'Che Fatica La Vita Da Bomber' page has also launched fundraisers for hospitals to "support their incredible commitment" in the fight against COVID-19 (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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