Coronavirus, Federica Pellegrini: “Why do we only talk about the football championship? The other sports also count … “

ROME – Federica Pellegrini was interviewed during "Tutti convocato", a radio program broadcast by Radio 24 and conducted by Carlo Genta with the collaboration of Pierluigi Pardo and Giovanni Capuano.

During this interview, Pellegrini got angry because when we talk about " resuming sport " we refer only to the football championship .

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"I have to say that when it comes to getting the sport back on track," said Fede as guest of "All Convened" – I hear only football, and I'm sorry. Without taking anything away from football, other sports also exist and are important.

Of course, football brings a lot of money, but I would have liked to hear about other sports on the news too.

We wait to get out of this quarantine and get back to training. To stay still so much you lose a lot of work, we hope that for at least the professional athletes we can start again after May 3rd.

With respect to health, it is logical that everything else is set aside, but sport must be considered as one of those activities that must open first, at least for athletes of national interest.

For us swimmers it changes a lot in terms of sensitivity and it already changes a lot when we stay still on Saturday and Sunday.

I am characteristically very tedious, I set myself the goal of the fifth Olympiad, I am really many years of career.

I'm not worried about the reasons, but in a year in swimming many things change, maybe in a year a new girl comes out.

I will be 32 in August, my dream is to chase the Olympics, I had time to prepare before the official decision of the postponement.

It will also depend a lot on my physique, at this age they don't approach training like at 20, but for now I'm on board. "

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