Coronavirus, Buffon’s joke to the Chinese fan: “Watch out eh …”

Coronavirus, la battuta di Buffon al tifoso cinese: "Attento eh..."

Buffon's joke to the Chinese Juventus fan: "Watch out for the Coronavirus …" (freeze frame from YouTube)

TURIN – Social storm on Gigi Buffon after his joke against a Chinese fan who asked him for an autograph on the sidelines of the match of the Italian Cup ended on the result of one by one between Milan and Juventus. Buffon was the starting line-up and played a good game but after the match he let himself go to an avoidable joke.

Buffon to the Chinese fan: "Watch out for the Coronavirus huh ?! I look at you eh … ".

Buffon saw that the fan who was asking for an autograph was a Chinese then he said to him: “Watch out for the Corona eh ?! I look at you eh! Watch out for the Corona! Are you from Wuhan ?! I look at you eh … ". Despite these jokes, Buffon still met the requests of the Chinese Juventus fan and made him an autograph.

This curtain between the Juventus goalkeeper and the Chinese black and white fan did not go unnoticed and was picked up by someone who was in the mixed area of ​​the stadium. Shortly thereafter, it was posted on YouTube and social networks and within minutes it went viral.

Buffon has been convicted of practically all users of social networks. Some wrote: “Are you over 40 but never mature ?! But how can you joke about a virus that is bringing China and the rest of the world to its knees and which has already caused more than a thousand victims ?! " (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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