Coronavirus blocks English football, who will go to the Premier League? Battle clubs

Coronavirus blocca calcio inglese, chi andrà in Premier League? Club sul piede di battaglia

Coronavirus blocks English football, who will go to the Premier League? Battle clubs

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Coronavirus has also hit the Premier League . The English football championship has been suspended like the Italian one, albeit with culpable delay …

The English clubs are worried and ask themselves the same questions that plague our football clubs: "Will the league be awarded?", "How will they determine who will go to the Champions League?", "How will they decide who will go to the Europa League?", " What criteria will they use to choose the relegated teams? ".

These are not questions related only to football played but above all of an economic nature. Going or not going to the Champions League makes all the difference in this world because UEFA gives lots of money to the participants in the maximum European club competition.

For all this reason, the six most important clubs in English football are ready to take legal action against the Premier League if the league is not completed regularly when the threat of the virus has passed.

The future of English football is as uncertain as that of the Italian Serie A, the only certainty is that all matches are suspended until April 3.

The Premier League is planning to resume competitive activity for April 4, but to date there are no certainties as the United Kingdom is preparing to face an expected increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

In recent days, some media have proposed to cancel the current season, in fear that it would be impossible to play all the remaining matches before the next season starts, but this hypothesis is not taken into account by clubs registered in the Premier League.

Such a solution would cause enormous problems in terms of determining which teams would win the titles and who would qualify for European competitions, and which teams would be promoted or relegated between the various divisions of English football.

If the season had been declared void now, Leeds United and West Brom Albion would be promoted to next season's Premier League, as they currently occupy the two automatic promotion seats of the second division championship.

But rewarding these two clubs is at least a risky decision because they have only seven and six points ahead of Fulham third in the standings and there are still the beauty of 27 points up for grabs.

According to when reported by the Times, the top six teams in the second division of English football – completed by Brentford, Nottingham Forest and Preston – held a secret meeting Monday to discuss legal action to be taken in the event that only the current top two in the league were promoted to the Premier League.

The Times reports that a second meeting will be held on Tuesday by teleconference, involving all 24 clubs in the league. The promotion to the Premier League is worth around £ 200 million.

The teams that go from third to sixth place in the championship, of course, would normally qualify for the playoffs to fight for the remaining places that are worth the promotion in the top flight of English football.

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