Commissioner: “I’m not the fool of America.” And blows on the Juventus fire steal-shields and referee-eaters

Commisso: "Non sono lo scemo d'America". E soffia sul fuoco della Juventus ruba-scudetti e mangia-arbitri

Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso (Ansa)

ROME – Commisso for president, Superhero commission, Che Guevara commission against strong powers. And that is the only strong power recognized in the Italian Serie A: Juventus that wins with dozens of points behind but Rubentus is back for the opposing fans. All of them, Inter players and Milan players, Lazio and Romanists, Neapolitans and Florentines. After the outburst for the two discussed penalties in Fiorentina-Juventus, the American president Rocco Commisso rose to an anti-Juventus idol.

For Il Sole 24 Ore he was attacked by the Typhus Virus, he gave out and launched very harsh accusations against the alleged pro-Juve referees. He would have exhibited, if we understand correctly, his more naive side which suggested to him the most ultrà and less institutional version of the role of president. But Commisso was not born yesterday, far from it. "I don't want to be treated like the fool who came from America," he insisted. He understood that, somehow, the whining pays.

He was especially angry with Pavel Nedved who, on live TV, ordered him to keep quiet and if anything to have tea. Without many compliments. And without the respect due to a president to whom President Agnelli should have responded, on an equal basis. The Czech is the mastiff that the Juventus team dissolves in such cases. Not a funny guy, rather the prototype of the black and white arrogance, one who has no rivals as regards post match rosications. On the field, between simulations and stalking to the referee, in grisail as against Lazio in the Super Cup (fined but not disqualified) or when in Europe he finds referees subjects of even stronger powers, see Real Madrid.

"To make the moral to others about the behavior to be followed at the end of the match Juventus do not send Nedved, often the protagonist of disrespectful and intimidating scripts towards the referees," tweeted Sandro Piccinini. Immediately supported by a former colleague Mediaset, Maurizio Pistocchi, who just for criticizing Juve claims to have been kicked out of the schedules. Nedved's son gives them newsagents who invent reporters as a son. Conspiracies, psychological subjugations, amoral familisms, the script is always that.

The outburst of the wealthy uncle of America adds little. The anti-Juventus prejudice is more rooted than the love for their shirt, if you don't beat the bianconeri it's because they steal. Juventus and double morale push with equal and opposite strength: the only thing that matters is winning but only until you lose, we don't talk about referees until they whistle at you. (source Tim Serie A)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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