Claudio Amendola: “My Romanist son thanks to the history of the Lazio thieves”

ROME – At Claudio Amendola , Rome is not just a hobby and a passion, it is a religion .

So the well-known Roman actor found a brilliant trick to make sure his son would become a Romanist .

The football faith does not change, so once the choice is made it remains forever.

Amendola had only to find a way to make her Romanist son.

While his son was in kindergarten, Amendola emptied the toy room of him.

When he got home, the boy was upset because there was nothing left in his bedroom.

“Daddy, daddy, where are my toys? Who stole them from me? "

Amendola didn't wait for anything else: "The thieves of Lazio have passed and they have stolen everything from you".

At that point the choice was made, the son would become a Romanist.

Below are the statements made by Amendola on Rai 1.

“I did something on the edge of the blue phone.

In kindergarten I emptied his playroom.

When he arrived I told him that the Lazioians had come to steal everything.

After the pain and tears passed, he got distracted and I put everything back in his room.

When he noticed I told him that the Romans had brought back all the toys "(source Il Corriere dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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