Clashes Inter-Naples, ultrà questioned calls in chief of the North curve

Inter-Napoli, ultrà interrogato calls in chief of the North curve

Inter-Napoli, ultrà interrogato calls in chief of the North curve

ROME – A full-blown battle a few steps from San Siro. According to the Milan prosecutors who requested the arrest (for brawl and other crimes) for the three Inter fans stopped after the clashes before Inter-Napoli, what happened in via Novara was a "fight". During the incidents he lost his life Daniele Belardinelli , 39, overwhelmed by an SUV not yet The arsenal for the ambush was already there. identified.

One of the three arrested, answering the questions of the investigating magistrate, would have made the name of one of the inspirers of the attack. A procedural choice that forced his lawyer to give up the mandate because the indicated ultras was already his client. This would be one of the Inter Curve leader.

Two of the three arrested also admitted that they were present at the clashes but did not participate actively.

The arsenal for the ambush was already there. Sticks, clubs, bars, the whole arsenal used by Inter's ultras, but also Varese and Nice for the assault on the caravan of the Neapolitan fans' van were already on the spot when the more than one hundred assailants arrived at the point where the ambush had been decided. This also emerged during today's interrogation day in the San Vittore prison where the hearing was held for the validation of the arrest of three of the Inter fans interviewed for aggravated fighting and other crimes.

Some defensive investigations would also have raised doubts about the reconstruction of the accident . The car, referred to as an SUV, according to defensive investigations, would be directed to the stadium, not out of Milan as a first reconstruction, and would have invaded the opposite lane. So it remains to be seen whether the driver of the car had to deal with the clashes or passed by chance.

The Ansa agency has also reported excerpts of the request for validation of the arrest for the three Inter fans: "In particular – it is written – around 19.20 the group of Inter fans walking invaded the roadway of via Novara (near the stadium) suddenly surrounded the cars and vans with a broth the ultras of Naples to the stadium, with a dense launch of smoke flares and firecrackers and hit with sticks and clubs the cars. And again: "Napoli fans – rebuild the investigators – arrested the vehicles descended from the same and armed with rods and belts and attacked in turn the fans of Inter, entertained with them a fight".

Meanwhile, an audio "uncensored" that reports the comment of a Neapolitan ultras in the moments immediately following the clashes occurred before Inter-Naples in Milan, on December 26th, after which another ultras died, Daniele Belardinelli, was acquired by investigators investigating the episode.

The audio was circulated on Friday afternoon on a site of the Neapolitan ultras, where however some names of those present were covered. Yesterday evening on a sports television broadcaster, instead, and then on a site of the Inter ultras, the audio was aired "clean". Now it has been acquired by the State Police. In it, in addition to phrases and evaluations on how many injuries there were and on the modalities of the clashes, in which 100 Neapolitan fans would have been involved (more or less as many were the inter-aggressors), an alleged group of the Neapolitan curve was explicitly mentioned 'La paranza del Barone' and an undefined "Carmine di Napoli van". During the excited explanation of the incident also refers to a brief "truce" in the clashes, during which the Neapolitan fans allowed the Interisti to "recover one who seemed dead" (probably Belardinelli, ed) and for this after they were "Applauded" by the Nerazzurri rivals.

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