Chievo, Ventura’s fury: “Enough lies, that’s why I resigned …”

Chievo, Ventura's fury: "Enough lies, that's why I resigned ..."

Chievo, the fury of Ventura: "Enough lies, that's why I resigned …" ANSA / EMANUELE PENNACCHIO

VERONA – After the resignation presented on Sunday, Chievo and Gian Piero Ventura arrived today at the terminus with a consensual termination of the contract after just a month together. This was announced in an official note by the company that also wanted to announce the termination of the economic contracts also by the assistant coach Salvatore Sullo and the physical trainer Alessandro Innocenti. So today Ventura explained his truth, after the hard words of Pellissier.

"Enough with lies about me, I gave up two years of salary – says the former coach in a statement to the ANSA – I arrived at Chievo for friendship, for President Campedelli, the moment of difficulty of the team coincided with the my great desire to resume training. I would have resigned even in the case of a victory with Bologna: with the company we had the same goal, salvation, but we wanted to pursue it through two different paths ".

In the evening of yesterday, the time of divorce had lengthened. The clamorous exit of the scene announced to the team in the locker room just minutes from the whistle referee that enshrined the draw with Bologna, was not followed by the presentation of the resignation "black on white" to Campedelli by the coach: every final decision was so postponed until today. Then in the morning there was the turning point. Before the announcement of the new coach Gialloblù, Mimmo Di Carlo , the third experience on the bench of Chievo after that from 2008 to 2010 (with the resounding salvation of 2008/2009) and that from 2010 to 2012 (ended with an exemption after six days of championship).

For the technician Ciociaro we talk about a contract until June with a substantial bonus in case of salvation. Then the other announcement, the resolution with Ventura who raised the white flag also for the objective difficulty of the mission. At the moment the Gialloblù, who have three penalty points, are last at 0 after 12 days, 9 points behind the fourth place. Sergio Pellissier had taken the field against Ventura yesterday: "as soon as he arrived he wanted to leave, do not be like him, do not run away".

Today Renzo Ulivieri wanted to defend Ventura, despite the abandonment of Chievo's bench by the former Italian coach was also criticized by other players of the Verona club.

The president of the coaching association took the parts of his colleague: "I do not agree with Pellissier's statements, because you enter the private sphere of a man, it seems to me that there is animosity in the words of the player of Chievo and I think that Ventura had not arrived in Verona already with the idea of ​​leaving ".

In short, still problems and controversy. Di Carlo in the meantime directed the training at Veronello. The impossible mission to save Chievo is up to him. Really difficult task.

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