Castillejo out of area, no penalty for Udinese. VAR decisive

Rigore Udinese Milan Castillejo var fuori area

Castillejo was out of the penalty area, no shooting from eleven meters for Udinese

UDINE – Udinese-Milan's first half gave the fans of the two teams little emotion, except for a slow-moving episode at the end of the first half. On a cross from the Udinese right, Castillejo touched the ball with his arm. For this reason the referee has decided to use the silent check to make a decision.

After about three minutes of interview with the referees present in front of the monitors of the VAR room, the referee decided not to assign the penalty kick to Udinese because he established that Castillejo was out of the penalty area (as we understand quite well from television images).

Milan coach Marco Giampaolo talked about his new team's seasonal goals while he didn't want to go too far on the transfer market.

Marco Giampaolo does not want to hear about the "obsession" for the Champions League but does not hide important ambitions. "For the Champions – explains on the eve of the match with Udinese – many teams run. For history, blazon and quality, Milan must aim at that goal ".

On the market, Giampaolo cuts short: "Correa? I do not know him. I thought the market would burn nervous energy, I concentrate on what I have. The managers know what to do. Suso remains? I would be happy but the market is not yet closed ".

Giampaolo was chosen by Milan for the post Rino Gattuso. The Calabrian coach was no longer trusted by the Rossoneri leadership because he had failed to qualify for the Champions League despite an excellent second half of the season.

Gattuso had launched Piatek and Paqueta at great times but had failed to snatch a place in the top four of the Italian Serie A soccer championship. So Milan decided to bet on Giampaolo who is a coach who did very well on the Sampdoria bench (source Ansa).

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