Case Lotito-Zarate, Lazio fans threaten Filippo Roma and his son for the service of the Hyenas

ROME – The service of the Hyenas on the Lotito-Zarate case ( here the details ) will not be broadcast because the television broadcast wants to give the opportunity to the patron of Lazio to defend himself but despite this, the envoy Filippo Roma has been heavily threatened on social networks.

The biancocelesti fans, with unrepeatable offenses, accused him of wanting to destabilize their environment because of his yellow and red football faith.

Filippo Roma wanted to respond to these Lazio fans through a long post published on Facebook.

“I shot a report that tells of an alleged tax fraud, which occurred years ago, linked to the payment of Zarate's salary by Lazio.

For this reason I have been accused of factionalism by many heavenly white fans as it is known that I am a Romanist.

I understand that this circumstance can generate doubts and anger.

But one thing is clear.

I did not carry out this investigation because I am an anti-Lazio but simply because I did my job as an envoy.

This story came into my hands and I told it.

If the same affair had affected Roma, rest assured that the service would have been the same.

Because who does my job, when he comes across a news, can only spread it, as does the center forward who, when he receives the assist, can only shoot on goal.

Having said that, many Lazio fans are overwhelming me with messages.

There are many teasing that also make me laugh, several insults that nevertheless do not offend me because I am not touchy.

Then there are threats, which I welcome with little favor, including, unfortunately, some that come directly to my son Francesco.

And these, as a father, worry me.

By the way, ironically, he is also from Lazio.

He was born in the afternoon of May 14, 2000 exactly in the same minutes in which Lazio was winning his second championship.

This event has always considered it a sign of destiny to which he could not escape and to which even I could not oppose.


If you want, you can continue to criticize, to tease me even to offend me.

But forget about threats, especially against my son.

Also because I have already turned to the competent authorities to report the matter and I will not hesitate to do it again if other messages of this kind should arrive ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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