Calciomercato, Messi at Inter? Marotta’s declarations are coming …

Transfer market, in the last few hours there has only been talk of Messi 's possible arrival at Inter. Here's what the Nerazzurri Marotta said to Sky Sport's microphones.

“Transfer market, Messi at Inter? The enthusiasm must always be strong and heated, we would miss it. Let's say we are talking about fantasy football, it is absolutely not our goal, but I believe that at this moment Messi is concentrated in continuing his footballing activity, his life, with Barcelona. This, without a shadow of a doubt.

Alexis Sanchez? I would say it is an anomalous situation, because, also considering Europa League, it leads to the fact that even the same competition can be altered by the unavailability, in our case of Sanchez, for other clubs of other players.

It has not been resolved, so we are in a continuous negotiation with Manchester United today with the aim of having it, at least, available for what is the possible continuation of the Europa League.

The Juventus title? If we make an analysis of what has been our path, which I would say positive, we are happy.

A little regret, if we look at the path of those in front of us, honestly this is, but we must also be honest in recognizing the growth that we have had, the fact, however, that then we also participate in a final phase of the championship after the lockdown that surely, in my opinion it is a bit anomalous.

From all points of view, it is difficult to evaluate teams today, it is even more difficult to evaluate players.

So, I say that we have to end this championship, prepare for the next season, which will certainly not be simple, which will also have consequences from this end. However, let's say that up to now we must be happy, not being satisfied "(source Sky Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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