Cagliari-Inter, super work for the VAR. Penalty at Inter, not at Cagliari

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Penalty at Inter for this foul by Cagliari on Sensi

CAGLIARI – Cagliari-Inter to all VAR. The referee Maresca had to use technology to make key decisions about goals and penalties. In the first half, the VAR was used to make a decision on Lautaro Martinez's goal. In the second half, the VAR went into action to deny Cagliari a penalty and assign one, a little later, to Inter.

Let's go with order. In the first half, Lautaro Martinez scored on Sensi's cross. The referee Maresca had canceled his goal for offside but shortly after he was called to order by his assistants who were in the VAR room. It was a providential intervention because Lautaro Martinez was in a regular position, he was kept in the game by a few cm from Cerri and Joao Pedro, at the time of the winning header. So it was right to assign the goal to Inter.

In the second half, the game was decided within five minutes between 65 ′ and 70 ′. Before the goal scored by Inter on a penalty kick with Romelu Lukaku, Cagliari protested against referee Maresca for a touch with Marcelo Brozovic's elbow on Ionita's right-wing cross. The referee Maresca did not consult the VAR in the first person but once again trusted the silent check.

According to Maresca's assistants, there was no penalty because Brozovic, who was shot with his body, hit the ball with his elbow involuntarily. So Maresca did not assign the eleven-meter shot to the hosts and caught the "Buffone, buffone …" choir from the Sardinian fans.

Shortly afterwards, Maresca awarded Inter a penalty kick on Sensi. The former Sassuolo midfielder was laid down after a roulette clap. After hearing the advice of his assistants through the silent check, Maresca confirmed his decision and Lukaku did not err from eleven meters.

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