Bundesliga, forbidden to hug? The players cheer with their elbows

LEIPZIA (GERMANY) – The Bundesliga has restarted with an exultation that is already iconic.

In Germany the players were absolutely prohibited from hugging each other so they found another way to party .

After scoring the goal of the momentary one to zero on Leipzig with Gulde , the Freiburg players decided to celebrate by beating their elbows .

No "five", no hug but a gesture of exultation with the elbow.

Does this rejoicing respect social distancing ?

It is not said, it depends on the closeness between the two players but is still allowed by the strict Bundesliga regulation .

The Germans have also begun to return to normal in football.

Their championship was the first to start again in Europe .

The games are surreal because they are played behind closed doors but otherwise have given a show worthy of the name.

The players on the field played without fear , as if the coronavirus was not there or never had been.

Today's games offered everything , spectacular goals, tackles, headers, slipping and fouls within the limits of the regulation.

And then the exultations .

Those allowed by the Bundesliga regulation .

Enough kisses and hugs, let's get our elbow! (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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