Bundesliga, Florian Niederlechner misses the penalty and takes it … with the doors closed

ROME – He hears the opponent suggest to the goalkeeper the side where to dive, he finally decides to change the direction of the shot and … he is wrong.

It all happened in the first half of the Bundesliga game between Augsburg and Cologne. Precisely at the twenty-seven minute.

The protagonist of the story is the Augsburg striker Florian Niederlechner .

Striker who, wrong the penalty, blamed the lack of public.

Lack of audience that allowed the attacker to hear the suggestion to the opposing goalkeeper.

So: does the public, indeed, the lack of public influence the games or not? Maybe yes. At least the poor Florian Niederlechner is convinced of this.

In fact, the attacker gave his version of the story at the end of the game.

Version of the story that more or less is this:

“I made the biggest mistake a player could make when shooting a penalty, that is to change the angle… Closed doors on Wed **.

In fact, my corner is always on the right. Then I heard from behind: 'you always know where to kick' and it made me change my mind. I let the situation influence me though. I am often the hero, today I was the fool ”.

I wonder if Niederlechner will listen to instinct next time or will still be influenced by opponents. (Sources: YouTube, Il Corriere dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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