Buffon tells himself: from the pee on the police car to the “executioner chi spring” …

Buffon pipì auto polizia boia chi molla

Buffon in the photo Ansa

TURIN – Gigi Buffon, now 41, is told through an imaginary letter to himself 17 years old published by " The Players Tribune ". In this letter, Buffon reveals some anecdotes: from the pee on the police car, to the " executioner chi spring ". From depression, overcome thanks to the affection of his loved ones, to glory, the trophies won with Juventus and the World Cup with the national team. His statements are reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

"You should be in bed, drinking hot milk. What are you doing? Go to a bar and have a beer with your Primavera friend. Drink just one beer, right? But then you exaggerate a little. You think you're the character in a movie. The strong man. This is how you usually manage the pressure you don't even know how to try. Soon you'll be out of the disco talking to the cops at one in the morning. Go home, come on. Go to sleep. And please don't pee on the wheel of the police car. The cops will not find it funny, the company will not find it funny and you risk compromising everything you have worked for. "

  "Because when you are a young Parma player you will do something ignorant that will mark you. Before an important match, you will want to make a great gesture to show your teammates and fans that you are a leader, that you have courage, that you have great personality.

Then you will write a message about the shirt you saw once written on the school desk. "You will write 'boia chi spring'". You think it's just a way to play the charge. You don't know it's a fascist slogan . This is one of the mistakes that will cause so much pain to your family. But mistakes are important because they remind you that you are human. They will always remind you that you don't know a c …, my friend. This is important because the football world will try to convince you that you are special. But you must remember that you are no different from the bartender or electrician you have been friends with for a lifetime. "

The Buffon article tells itself: from the pee on the police car to the "executioner chi spring" … it seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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