Buffon: “Sarri-Juventus is another story. Don’t touch Conte’s star “

Buffon: "Sarri-Juventus è un'altra storia. Non toccate la stella di Conte"

Buffon: "Sarri-Juventus is another story. Don't touch Conte's star "(ANSA / AP Photo / Martin Meissner)

TORINO – Buffon was interviewed exclusively by Ivan Zazzaroni for Il Corriere dello Sport. The former Juventus goalkeeper commented on the landing of Sarri on the Juventus bench and the contestation of Juventus supporters against Antonio Conte , "guilty" of having chosen the rivals of Inter.

Buffon attacked the Juve fans who ask the company to remove the star dedicated to Conte in the Stadium. According to Buffon, Conte gave all of himself to Juve and his professionalism should not be questioned. According to the former Juventus goalkeeper, Sarri and Conte cannot be compared because the Inter coach defended the Bianconeri colors for fifteen, very long, years while Sarri was the Napoli coach for much less time.

Here are the statements made by the Psg goalkeeper during an interview with Ivan Zazzaroni for Il Corriere dello Sport.

"Read on two or three occasions that some Juventus fans had asked to remove Conte's star after his move to Inter. I feel inside the Juve world, I know the managers, the players, the fans well and I know what Antonio gave and represented. For Juve it was spent until the last drop of sweat, putting all of himself, as a player he was never spared for the good of the team.

As a coach, he loaded it on his shoulders and dragged it to success with total and uninterrupted lucidity. Three full seasons and no loss of attention and tension. I have a relationship of great esteem and confidence with Antonio, when we meet we immediately breathe confidence, intimacy, mutual respect. And he is basically a suspicious man.

Professional choices, even if unsettling, cannot dirty an intense past like his. He has never betrayed, is not the type who kisses the shirt, publicly adheres to the project and then feeds the conflicts in the locker room or in society. I consider his important return for the whole system, as well as those of Maldini, Boban, Sarri ».

"Do we want to compare the fifteen years of Conte to Juve with the three of Sarri at Napoli?" «I have seen first hand the competence of the president, of Fabio and Pavel. Those who always follow the same paths always reach the same goals and Juventus who is looking for the Champions League wanted to try the road of discontinuity, starting from the assumption that the team is difficult to improve. Sarri is not revolution, nor bet. It is a new journey, another story ».

The Buffon article : “Sarri-Juventus is another story. Don't touch Conte's star " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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