Bologna-Milan streaming and live tv, where to see it (18-12-2018)

Bologna-Milan streaming e diretta tv, dove vederla (18-12-2018)

Bologna-Milan streaming and live tv, where to see it (18-12-2018) ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

BOLOGNA – Bologna-Milan, a match that could cost the exemption to Gattuso or Inzaghi, will be broadcast live on TV exclusively by Sky Sports on 18-12-2018 at 20.30. Bologna-Milan will also be broadcast live on Sky Go.

The elimination from the Europa League "must be a scar and we must remember how it arrived. But I have no doubts about the group ". Rino Gattuso does not hide, he knows that together with his players on Thursday in Athens he did "a fool, writing a black page of Milan", but defends the team, urging them to get up straight away in Bologna.

"We have to grow a lot again, the players, and me with my staff. The scars heal when you care about them: now we must not think too much but play with quality and make mistakes as little as possible, because what we play in the next four games is crucial ", said the Rossoneri coach who once again reduced the weight of the arbitration episodes in the ko with Olympiacos, but has not digested the criticism of those who spoke of 'shame'.

"Those who steal must be ashamed – he replied -. It struck me to see people crying in the locker room: it means that there is still something left of the values ​​of 10-15 years ago ". While a bit 'across Europe colleagues commenting the opponents of the next round of the cup, Gattuso at Milanello was committed to attracting on himself the focus of criticism, as those who want to ease the pressure on the team. Without amazement of the voices that want him again poised, more or less like the rival, that Filippo Inzaghi a companion of many successes.

"We both play a lot. If the results do not arrive there is the risk of being sent away, it is part of the job. But continue to break the boxes to me, not to the players: it is right that a young coach after this elimination, is questioned ", the reasoning of Gattuso, which does not expand the horizon to the January Super Cup, the first opportunity to win a title as coach, but stops in Bologna: "It's the game that has to restart, it will say if we can react".

Romagnoli returns, to be managed with care because calf injuries are at risk of relapse. And Gattuso waits for Higuain, dry from six games. "I talked to him, he's the first disappointed: we need his goals, but now his priority is his character, experience and leadership, not networks", he said, waiting for an indispensable reinforcement.

Gattuso talks about the January transfer market

There is talk of a return of Pato, while Ibrahimovic has confirmed that he will remain in Los Angeles. "The company knows who I like and can be functional", cut Gattuso short, removing the most pessimistic scenarios related to the sanctions of the UEFA: "We have constraints and we can not do much on the market, but you are – he said referring to journalists – that you keep saying that they will have to go via Suso, Calhanoglu, Higuain … It does not turn out to me ".

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