“Bocia libero”, 2000 fans of Atalanta to the procession for the historical leader of the Curva Nord

"Bocia libero", 2000 tifosi dell'Atalanta al corteo per il leader storico della Curva Nord

"Bocia libero", 2000 fans of the Atalanta march for the historic leader of the Curva Nord. Photo ANSA / PAOLO MAGNI

BERGAMO – Demonstration in Bergamo to claim the presence in the stands of Claudio Galimberti, called Bocia, historical leader of the Curva Nord dell'Aalanta. As La Gazzetta dello Sport writes in its online edition, about two thousand Nerazzurri fans left the Malpensata square to reach the Palazzo Frizzoni municipal seat to ask for the lifting of the restrictive measures against Bocia, far from the stadiums for 25 years cumulated between warnings, article 9 (prohibition of the sale of tickets to convicts for crimes related to sporting events, in this case for a summer friendly with Triestina with canceled sentence) and the last of the Daspos on which an appeal to the Council of State hangs of 11 April. It was a peaceful demonstration, there were no incidents between fans and law enforcement.

Atalanta, Gasperini does not trust Empoli: "She is a lady team".

"Ilicic is in place, we are all apart from Toloi." On the eve of the match against Empoli, Gian Piero Gasperini takes stock of his two Atalanta weekly injured players: the Slovenian's left knee is in place, the Brazilian due to his right ankle must miss the seventh game in a row.

"That of Rafael is a heavy affair, a calcification for which at the end of the season he will probably face an intervention – explains the Atalanta coach -.
Doing it immediately would mean losing it for the games that remain. If with care he manages to bring himself to the end, better ”.

On the opponent, a few words: "Empoli beyond the rankings is a lady who has recently put Juventus and Napoli in difficulty. It is a fearsome and dangerous team that plays good football, but we have the adrenaline to face every challenge: we have to keep holding the blow ".
Sources: La Gazzetta dello Sport and Ansa.

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