Boca Juniors-River Plate 2-2 final highlights Copa Libertadores

Boca Juniors-River Plate 2-2 highlights finale Copa Libertadores

Boca Juniors-River Plate 2-2 final highlights Copa Libertadores

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – Boca Juniors-River Plate 2-2 (2-1) in the first leg of the Libertadores Cup, played at the 'Bombonera'. These networks: in the 34th 'Abila (BJ), 35' Pratto, 46 ​​'Benedetto (BJ); in st 15 'Izquierdoz (author). The return will be played Saturday 24 in the Monumental stadium, 'home' of the River.

All postponed to the final return. The double 'SuperClasico' which will award the 2018 Libertadores Cup will be decided at Monumental, the home of the River Plate, in the umpteenth re-edition of the probably most 'hot' stracittadina in the world. Favorito will start the River, not only because of the field factor (Saturday 24 in the stadium of the red and white visitors will not be allowed fans, as today at the Bombonera) but also for the character shown today when he replied blow to blow to the play of 'cousins' and he never seemed intimidated by the 'garra' of the adversaries.

Twice Boca took the lead, and twice was achieved, and indeed if it had not been for a couple of Rossi's decisive saves in the first half, on the conclusions of Pity Martinez and Borrè, the final result could have rewarded the guests , lined up with an unusual 5-3-2. Once averted the danger of another postponement due to bad weather, Boca and River gave life to a spectacular match, in a very hot environment with 55 thousand 'possessed' to push the Gialloblù team, daughter of the Genoese colony of Buenos Aires.

The Boca went twice for two times and was resumed. It was Abila, exploiting an Armani on the occasion decidedly embarrassed, to carry on Boca in the 34th minute, but the River's reply was immediate: not even a minute after the 1-0 goal, the former Genoa player Genoa Pratto he beat Rossi with a precise diagonal. Before the interval, however, Benedict has confirmed his reputation as a 'killer' of the area that is always able to leave his mark despite often playing as a substitute. In fact, as he did in the semi-finals against Palmeiras, the former market dream of Lazio has struck again today, with a nice header, after entering the place of the injured Pavon.

At half-time it was 2-1, numbers to be scored because before today the River had only collected 6 goals in the last 12 games played in the continental tournament. So the hits scored by Boca are not to be underestimated in view of the return match. The result is back in a tie when, with a fortuitous header to the back door, the defender of Boca Izquierdoz to precede Pratto on the cross of Palacios has 'pierced' his goalkeeper Rossi until then among the best in the field, giving the draw to the 'millonarios'.

Then Space also for former Juventus Carlitos Tevez. At 90 'Boca had the chance for 3-2, but Armani stopped Benedetto, who had been triggered by Tevez. At the end it is 2-2, the Libertadores will be awarded on Saturday 24th.

The highlights of Boca-River 2-2

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