Benedetta Zaniolo hurt her knee like her brother Nicolò: the photo on Instagram

Benedetta Zaniolo si è fatta male al ginocchio come il fratello Nicolò: la foto su Instagram

Benedetta Zaniolo posted this photo on Instagram to ironic about her knee injury

ROME – Benedetta Zaniolo like her brother Nicolò. She also hurt her knee. To be precise, the sister of the Roma player has remedied a knee sprain and an inflammation of the meniscus. The news was made public by Benedetta Zaniolo herself with a post published on Instagram complete with a bandage and with the caption: "Let's say that the knee is not our favorite part of the body".

Two weeks ago, his brother Nicolò Zaniolo had remedied a bad injury during the Serie A Roma-Juventus match. The rising star of blue football had broken the front crusader of his right knee. Zaniolo has already undergone surgery and started rehabilitation to return in time for the start of Euro 2020.

The Zaniolo family has sport in its DNA. Dad Igor was a very popular center forward in Serie B and Serie C, Nicolò is a product of the youth sector of Inter that has made the definitive leap in quality with the shirt of Roma.

Now Nicolò is a staple of the Giallorossi and the Italian National Football Team. Sister Benedetta is very young but she trains with passion in dance. It is considered a promise of this sport.

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