Batistuta: “I asked a doctor friend to amputate my legs”

Batistuta racconta dramma Chiesi dottore amputarmi gambe

Batistuta in the Instagram photo

ROME – Gabriel Omar Batistuta is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but after he stopped playing soccer he found himself with his ankles broken because he no longer had cartilage. The former Roma football player was struggling to walk and for this reason he began to undergo a series of interventions to improve his health condition. The latest Instagram posts bode well but there were also dramatic moments like the one that Batistuta told Corriere dello Sport: "In the past, I asked my friend a doctor to amputate my legs for how intense the pain was …".

On September 17th, Batistuta updated its Instagram profile by writing: “First stage passed. The prosthesis in the left ankle is reality. Now let's get inside with rehabilitation. Thank you for the messages full of affection and for your thoughts ".

On October 3, the last post published by Batigol on Instagram, he updated his fans by writing: "Thanks to Dr. Beat Hintermann and his team for this surgery which gives me the hope of going back to walking normally. I wanted to update my followers, my rehabilitation continues in a big way, I will soon be back in Argentina. Thanks to all my fans for their support. "

Now Batistuta's morale has returned high but his situation was dramatic immediately after he stopped playing football. He told the Corriere dello Sport: "As soon as I stopped, I found myself with my ankles broken. I had no cartilage anymore. Bone against bone, on a weight of 86-87 kilos: the slightest movement became a torment. The same problem as Van Basten, who said enough at 28 years. Some days I couldn't get out of bed. I was crying with anger and I said to myself: it can't end like this. "

"My family claimed me: now you can stay with us. And instead I suffered, I was sick. So bad that I went to a medical friend and asked him to amputate my legs . I prayed, I insisted. I told him that this was no longer life.
Now I have a left ankle prosthesis and I am doing rehabilitation. A solution I've been chasing for at least six to seven years. In 40 days, after removing the brace, we will know if the pain has disappeared and I can finally walk like a normal person ".

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