Balotelli sues Brescia because he didn’t pay his full salary

Mario Balotelli, after being kicked out of training, decided to sue Brescia because he did not receive all his salary.

The attacker in fact received the paycheck of the month of March, the one for which he had put the company in default. Under "worked days" only seven were indicated. According to the Balotelli club he actually worked only one week over the 31 days.

Balotelli then gave his lawyers a mandate to challenge the paycheck. Then ask for the assessment on the days worked and the salary compliance. It is only the last act of a war that has been going on for some time and in recent days it had been characterized by the appeal to the Arbitration Board by Brescia to obtain the dismissal for just cause of the player.

Brescia, after changing coach 4 times, comes from the 6-0 defeat against Inter, is last in the standings and now in Serie B. Balotelli, in case of failure to save, as per contract can go away. But it now seems clear that this will happen first, and not peacefully.

What future for Super Mario?

Not in Italy. In our country, it has no market, after the failure of Brescia no Italian team is willing to bet on the ex Inter striker.

But Balo can still play his cards abroad. Outside our country, it still has a market. Where is it? In France and Turkey with some lukewarm interest also from China.

Super Mario could return to Marseille or he could move to Lyon from his friend Rudi Garcia. Not only that, Balo could reach his friend Kevin Prince Boateng at Besiktas (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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