Balotelli, for the racist choirs in Verona there is only one suspect. And it’s Sicilian

Balotelli, per i cori razzisti a Verona c'è solo un indagato. Ed è siciliano

Mario Balotelli throws the ball towards the Verona curve (photo ANSA)

ROME – For the racist chants towards Mario Balotelli made by some Verona fans on 3 November at the Bentegodi stadium, there is only one suspect . And it's from Agrigento. The man, as reported by the newspaper L'Arena, is the only person identified so far by the Digos of the Questura after analyzing the videos shot at the stadium.

The man would have been "framed" by a still image at the end of the East Armchair Sector, in the video shot by a friend of his and then published on the net. It does not appear to belong to any ultrà group, nor a regular stadium goer. In those days he was in Verona to visit friends. From the videos visible on the net, however, the howls against Balotelli were shouted out by more than one person (as certified by the inspectors of the Federal Prosecutor's Office). Just the other day, the National Football Court of Appeal of the Football Federation ordered the closure of sector 8 of Bentegodi with the conditional suspension of the penalty for one year.

Source: L'ARENA.

The Balotelli article , for the racist choirs in Verona there is only one suspect. And it is Sicilian seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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